How Is Your FOCUS on the World Unique?


Here are just a few of the ways that Your FOCUS on the World provides help not found anywhere else:

  1. FOCUS doesn’t just launch the process but provides specific guidance throughout the life of a partnership or other global initiative, all the way to closure.
  2. FOCUS doesn’t just concentrate on what happens on the field but also on how to establish leadership for the initiative within the church, and how to develop and maintain congregational ownership and involvement.
  3. FOCUS is flexible for use in all types of churches. It is adaptable for the church just beginning to consider a new missions approach all the way to the congregation that has been engaged in international partnerships for a long time but needs help in solving specific challenges or assistance in developing new leaders.
  4. Throughout the FOCUS manual, all kinds of churches with extensive FOCUS experience share their stories to help and encourage others that they can do it too, regardless of their size or situation.
  5. FOCUS is a process but it is also an easy-to-use reference manual.
  6. A wealth of resources, worksheets, and samples are provided online for easy customization to each church’s needs.
  7. For those churches which have already selected their FOCUS, the implementation portion is available as a separate resource.



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