Why Consider a FOCUS?


“Partnership is not a choice for the 21st century church. It should be a way of life in order to enhance our witness for Christ.”

—Prem James, Interdev, India


Your FOCUS on the World will help your church to…

Launch/Join powerful, strategic global initiatives that will achieve exponentially more because they connect to expanding global efforts.

Avoid some costly mistakes—such as choosing the wrong partners, going it alone, assuming unrealistic expectations,  or creating dependency.

Multiply involvement of lay members, especially younger generations whose interests and motivations do not connect with traditional missions. New cross-cultural ministry awareness and skills will also transfer to local missional efforts.

Increase the recruitment of longer-term missionaries and the funding of strategic projects.


Untapped Potential

The 21st century offers local churches unprecedented opportunities for major global impact. But so much of the amazing potential in our congregations is going untapped, and too many missions programs are failing to connect with our people.

Local church leaders tell us they are looking for:

  • Real life connections to brothers and sisters around the world
  • Strategic, global ministry that involves and excites their church leaders
  • Missions passion infecting the entire congregation, especially younger generations
  • The congregation’s skills, expertise, and interests matched to global opportunities
  • More passionate prayer and increased giving
  • Concrete ways to measure strategic impact

Every one of these “missing links” is provided in the FOCUS model.

You are invited to see if this new way of approaching missions is right for your church!

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