Blessing Your FOCUS Partners


One way to nurture the ministry in your FOCUS initiative is to refresh and refuel your on-site workers. Consider sponsoring an annual or semi-annual retreat for those workers, whether they are sent from your church, other expats, or nationals engaged in the task. You may want to make sponsoring such a treat a collaborative effort with other churches involved with your FOCUS.

1. Locate a conference or retreat center in a safe location. Choose a place that children and teens will also enjoy.

2. Work with your on-site personnel to determine the preferred date and length for the retreat, and clarify the purpose(s) and how best to achieve them.

3. Commit to cover all costs for travel and stay for all workers and their families. Invite but don’t require their participation.

4. Commit to sending staff to run the conference with excellence–children’s ministries team, leaders for a youth program, keynote speaker, worship leader/team, prayer team, and those who want to “love on” workers.

5. Include time for rest as well as for meetings. Give workers time for in-depth sharing about their ministry and spend significant time in prayer together.

6. Sometimes churches offer specialized training asked for by the workers (for example, discipling methods, homeschooling), seminars (marriage enrichment, parenting issues, computer), or massages, hair cuts, etc.

Has your church sponsored a refreshment conference for workers in your FOCUS? What recommendations would you have for other churches which want to offer such a retreat?

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