How Not to Choose a Partnership


There are lots of acceptable ways to discover partners and develop a partnership. Here’s some bad ways to do so:

1. Just pick one. While some arranged marriages work, most of us want to select a spouse based on a relationship. Same for a partnership!

2. Choose a people group no one else is targeting. This sounds good, but if there are no on-the-ground workers and no agencies to help you, it is tough to get momentum going. Remember, you need partners for partnership.

3. Go where everyone else is going. Frankly, some locations are overrun with too many Western partners. There are plenty of great partnership opportunities; let’s not bunch up!

4. Choose a partnership based on the urging of one passionate church member. Wait for God to speak to multiple leaders about where He is calling you.This needs to be a group effort.

5. Select the easiest, closest , or safest place. Last time I checked, none of those criteria was listed as a guideline in how to fulfill the Great Commission. God may be calling you far away to a tough place with no guarantees of comfort or safety.

Do you have some other warnings about how NOT to choose a partnership?


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