Coaching in Partnerships


Posted 8:51 pm by Ellen

Whether you are a on-site partnership facilitator, or an agency partnership developer, or a missions pastor who is coordinating one or more partnerships, part of your role probably involves serving as a coach. For many of us, the role of coach is new. We’ve heard about coaching; we’ve heard others talk about having a coach; maybe we have even been the beneficiary of informal coaching. But we’re still not confident we know how to function as a good coach.

Our 2011 Interchange Conference has a series of sessions to help you develop your coaching skills. Visit our conference site and download the conference flier and save the date. The entire program with details about our SUPER speakers will be published soon! I think this is going to be one of the most practical Interchange conferences ever. Plan to join us in Philadelphia on December 6-7 to build not just your coaching skills, but also skills in training mentors, and in resolving conflict.

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