Who Leads the FOCUSing Process?


There are two options of how a church can walk through the FOCUS journey


The Self-led Approach

The Your FOCUS on the World Manual is designed in such a way that you can lead a group of carefully selected people from your church through the process step by step yourself. If you take this approach, you will want to purchase a copy of this manual for each participant. Your facilitator may want to take the two-day training in order get the extensive leaders’ PowerPoints, videos, and other helps for leading your church through the process.

Using an Outside Facilitator

Experience has demonstrated that a well qualified outside facilitator is invaluable in guiding a church through the FOCUSing process. A good facilitator will provide knowledge about global realities and inject an outsider’s objectivity. He/She also can help you: (1) move the group toward consensus by engaging everyone without allowing any one voice to inappropriately dominate, and (2) help you avoid getting bogged down due to side issues or competing time priorities.

Finding a facilitator with missions knowledge and good facilitation skills is important. Catalyst Services can point you to a facilitator we have trained. Or you may wish to inquire if a facilitator is available from the missions partnership office of your denomination, the church mobilization department of a trusted agency, or a mobilization organization. Or perhaps a missions pastor/chairman of a nearby congregation has the time and gifting to facilitate your group.



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